March 28th, 2017
Tuesday, 6:00 pm
Harry and Izzy’s
Indianapolis, Indiana

March 30th, 2017
Thursday, 6:00 pm
Stone Creek
Noblesville, Indiana


ReJoyce Financial understands that not everyone’s financial goals are the same. Allow us to learn more about your families current and future financial goals.

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Portfolio Analysis

This analysis will include a comprehensive review of your fixed investments, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. It will also introduce the “know your investment” model.

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Pension Maximization

This will identify and analyze pension income. If no pension option has been selected yet, it will consider all options and help in determining the most viable selection based upon individual circumstance.

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Asset Allocation Review

A very basic approach to financial planning involves a review of allocation based upon 5 major components: Age, Income, Net Worth, Risk tolerance, and Time Horizon. This is used as a starting point to the planning process.

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