Fixed Index Annuities in Indiana

Fixed Index Annuities in Indiana

As scientific knowledge has advanced, people have started living longer. Now is the time to start preparing for the future and improving your financial outlook. One option that can help achieve this goal is a fixed index annuity.

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What Are Fixed Index Annuities?

There are differences, both large and small, between fixed index annuities, life insurance, IRAs, and other types of annuity investments. But in the end, they have similar goals: to ensure financial security for you and your family.

To start, we will talk a little bit about annuities in general. They come in four basic forms: immediate, fixed, variable, and fixed index annuity. At the base level, they function as a contract between a financial institution and an individual. The individual agrees to pay a premium, which the financial institution will return (with interest) in a lump sum or as incremental payments. All money placed into an annuity is tax-deferred.

So what are some of the differences with fixed index annuities? Fixed index annuities are tied to a financial index, e.g. Nasdaq. With a flexible interest rate, there is more inherent risk with this annuity, along with greater potential for a stronger return. Most kinds of investments return the premium and a little interest. In contrast, fixed index annuities let you experience the benefits of a higher interest rate without leaving you exposed to major stock market risks.

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