Institutional Money Management in Indiana

Institutional Money Management in Indiana

Institutional money management is specifically for high value investors with low management fees, but extremely high minimum investing requirements. These typically target large institutional investors, such as pension, mutual funds, money managers, insurance companies, endowment funds, etc. For perspective, institutional investors make up about half of the volume of trades on the New York Stock Exchange.

Institutional money management includes moving large blocks of shares, and they generally have a huge influence on the movement of the stock market. Because institutional investors have such a large influence on the stock market, managing your funds might seem like daunting. That’s where ReJoyce Financial comes in.

Our team of qualified financial advisors will work tirelessly with you to insure that your institutional funds are exactly where you want them. We’re more than equipped to supply financial guidance to all of the businesses of Indiana.

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Every single member of our team is dedicated to managing your funds and assets. We’ll be able to analyze your company’s situation, financial goals and make an effective plan for you and your investments. Our professionals have the know-how your company needs to make the right investments. We’ll make sure that your company makes all the right financial moves. You can rest easy knowing that your finances are in the capable hands of our professionals.

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Our financial advisors are ready to give you and your company the institutional asset management you need. If you’re ready to leave your finances, investments and assets to trusted professionals, call ReJoyce Financial today.