It’s a debate that stands the test of time: do cats or dogs make better companions? People have been picking sides for hundreds of years without understanding the root of their logic. ReJoyce Financial cares about our clients and our clients care about their pets. Rather than pitting the dogs and cats against each other, let’s look at the classification of cat and dog owners.

Numerous studies have sought to uncover the difference between dog owners and cat owners. There is a cultural belief the pet species an individual chooses speaks to their personality. The heart of that argument lies in the differing care each animal requires or yearns for.

Pets Add Love to Your Retirement 


First, it’s important to understand the domesticated nature of both species. Canine ancestors found themselves in mutual relationships with hunters before the age of Agriculture. While some wolves remained in their territory, others chose to branch off with the humans. These human-wolf hybrid packs hunted, defended, and ate alongside each other. When agriculture began to develop around 9500 B.C., humans began leading the sedentary lifestyle we know now. Large variations in canine breeds began to develop. It was these descendants that stayed on the farm and became family. 

The early ancestors of domesticated cats followed rodents and mice into human civilizations, as both species were simply looking for food to eat. It was because of the cat’s natural instinct to hunt the very same annoyances that were eating farmers’ crops that they settled into a mutually beneficial relationship as humans’ rodent patrol. Cats seemingly domesticated themselves, and humans just let it happen. 


Dogs have always had an innate instinct to provide a service, and an undeniable capacity to serve loyally. This trait differs from cats, who came out of self-interest for the food and stuck around for the love and table scraps. This isn’t to say that one species outweighs the other in value, but that both cats and dogs have entirely different outlooks and backgrounds in life. Dogs are known to be work and play in packs, whereas cats often prefer their solitude and individuality. These small biological makeups reflect the pet owners’ own personality and desires. Here are the common qualities of dog owners and pet owners:

How Do You Pick the Right Pet?

Dog Owners

  • More outgoing and extroverted
  • Often keeping themselves busy to disregard negative feelings
  • Prefer working in a group setting
  • More agreeable (i.e more likely to follow rules and guidelines) 
  • Tend to live a more laid back lifestyle 
  • Perceived by others as conscientious in most aspects 
  • Feel energized after being in a group of people 
  • More likely to arrive on time 

Cat Owners

  • Tend to be introspective; examining their own thoughts and feelings    
  • Prefer to work on projects individually 
  • Are often times introverted 
  • More creative; more likely to break from constructs and think outside the box
  • More neurotic; tend to lead an anxious life 
  • Perceived by others as more open, and likely to speak out 
  • Need time to recharge after being in a group setting
  • Probably going to arrive early or late

Are you a cat or a dog owner (or both)? We don’t have an allegiance, but we want to hear from you! And as always…

ReJoyce in your retirement! 

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Written by: Brittany Love


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