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Fee-only Fiduciary Financial Planning

ReJoyce Financial is loyal to you. We’re a registered investment advisory firm that is held to the highest standards in the financial industry. As fee-only fiduciary financial planning professionals, we are bound by law to put the best interest of the client first at all times. As an independent firm, we also have access to thousands of investment solutions because we are not loyal to a brand or a company name.  

ReJoyce Financial Consultation

Our goal

Our goal is to get to know you. We’ll begin with some personal questions about your life, your family, and your retirement timeline. We will ask about the ages of your kids and whether they have jobs. We might also ask about your parents, whether they are still alive, and what role they play in your life. Only after we have a complete picture of your life do we get into the fiduciary financial planning objectives. 

Our Code of Ethics

Always act in the best interest of the client and make investment decisions that reflect their goals.

Disclose all conflicts of interest.

Identify and monitor securities that are illiquid.

Have policies on use of brokerage commissions for research.

Have policies regarding directed brokerage, including step-out trades and payment for order flow.

Have policies regarding affiliated broker-dealers and maintenance of brokerage accounts.

When appropriate, employ fair market valuation procedures.

Observe procedures regarding the allocation of investment opportunities, including new issues and the aggregation of orders.

Abide by a code of ethics.


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