Do your pets remain cool and collected when it comes time to visit the veterinarians’ office? If so, count your blessings, you’re one of the lucky ones. Most pet owners dread the trip to the vets’ office, whether it’s getting them into a carrier, keeping them calm in the car, or behaving in the exam room, it can be a struggle. So ReJoyce decided to collect some helpful tips to ease your trips! 

5 Ways to Pay for Vet Costs

  • Get them acclimated to their carrier, leave it out as apart of their regular environment so it doesn’t evoke fear when pulled out. 
  • Get them acclimated to car rides. Take them for short drives around the block so they don’t associate the car with the vet’s office. Reward them when you both return. 
  • Wear your pet out! Take them out for a long walk, or to play before their vet visit. This will reduce anxious energy as well as help prevent accidents. 
  • Many pet parents look to calming supplements or diffused pheromones to help their fur-babies relax. 
  • If your pet is small enough, bring them in a carrier with familiar belongings such as a toy or a blanket. If the sight of other animals makes your pet uneasy or anxious, cover their carrier with a towel. 
  • Take them for regular weight check-ups so that your pet becomes familiar with the office, and staff working there. 
  • Bring treats and reward good behavior! The vet will likely have their own, but your pet might be more receptive to their favorite. (This especially goes for the picky eaters) 
  • Bring everything you may need with you: Before your visit, ask the vet if they’ll need anything such as stool samples, medical history, and or a list of medications/supplements your pet is on. 
  • If needles make you squeamish leave the room! Your pet could pick up on this anxiety and adopt it for themselves. 
golden retriever puppy playing with a stethoscope vet

5 Calming Supplements for Your Pet

Your pet is apart of your family and seeing them in a stressful state can be hard to watch. With these tips, you can hopefully reduce the amount of stress both you and your pet feel. Reach out to us to let us know how these tips worked for you! 

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Written by: Brittany Love 


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