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Alex Joyce of ReJoyce Financial shares the importance of having an eternal plan. Listen to one woman’s story and hear the steps Alex Joyce recommends hoosiers take.

“If you don’t have specific direction for your wealth or for any of your property or for anything that you have, whether it be sentimental or just collectibles in the basement, it can cause issues with the family,” said Alex Joyce of ReJoyce Financial.

He says it’s important for everyone to have in place a trust. You also need to have a will to make sure your assets are directly transferred to those you want and don’t forget a medical power of attorney.

“The purpose of the power of attorney is so if something were to happen to me or my spouse, I can simply sign her name. There’s still going to be bills that are coming into the household. There’s still going to be taxes. There’s still going to be things that she’s going to need me or he’s going to need you to take care of and it is our responsibility to take care of our spouse while they’re still living,” Joyce said.

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