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Alexander Joyce, President and CEO of ReJoyce Financial, joined us today to discuss how financial advisors make their money. As a fiduciary firm, ReJoyce Financial is fee only. The fees work on a sliding scale with breakpoints that align with how many assets are under their management. The national average is a 1.5% fee. As a fiduciary firm, ReJoyce Financial does not charge commissions. Having a one-stop shop for financial planning that covers everything from taxes to estate planning can help people create a big-picture plan. ReJoyce Financial takes a holistic approach to your finances, and there’s no time like the present to consider professional advice. Information on financial planning is available at the ReJoyce Financial website or by calling 317-903-0517. THIS SEGMENT IS SPONSORED BY REJOYCE FINANCIAL.

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ReJoyce Financial is a One Stop Shop for your Financial Planning and Retirement Planning needs.
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