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Alexander Joyce, President & CEO, ReJoyce Financial, shares his take on the fear of unseen expenses and the goal any of us should have as we head into our retirement years.

  • Be sure you have enough income, assets and income from assets. What I commonly see is the retirement income foundation, or the guaranteed income in retirement being Social Security and maybe a pension, and maybe that is even X2. But the shortfall or gap is the NUMBER between your income foundation and lifestyle, plus affording the new things you now want to do in retirement, like travel, golf, grandkids, sports, events.
  • Things to really pay close attention to as you head into retirement is market volatility, not being so conservative to the point where you are not allowing your assets to go but paying attention to market trends is important. This is truly where and when you need an Advisor, planner or manager the most. To help with these things so you don’t have to worry.
  • Inflation and cost of living is in health care now more than ever. More concerning today since people are noticeably living longer than ever. Meaning our dollar has to live longer than ever as well. Planning for longevity has to be in the plan.
  • Gaining confidence starts with having a conversation with a professional that focuses on these topics. It’s okay to talk to a lot of them. Finding the one you feel most comfortable with is important, TRUST is important, education, experience, record of success, all of these things are key. But it first starts with you accepting the fact that you may not be able to do it yourself and that you may need advice and maybe even help. That’s where hiring an advisor comes in.
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