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ReJoyce Financial Media Kit — 2022

Mission Statement

Your Family’s Health, Wealth, and Happiness is Our Mission.


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Media Contact

Alexander Joyce of ReJoyce Financial

Alexander Joyce

President & CEO 

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Join the CEO and President of ReJoyce Financial, Alexander Joyce, and other financial experts as they discuss concepts and topics relevant to those approaching retirement. Breaking down deep questions and concerns so both novice and experienced alike can learn and benefit, they inform and engage on this weekly show airing throughout Indiana.

WLTC 106.7 ReJoyce Financial Radio

Local Media

Appearances on various local news segments, weekly airings of the Retirement Halftime Show on TV and Radio, Safe Money & Income, Ask Mr. Annuity, Indy Style, Money Monday, and On The Money.



ReJoyce in Your Retirement

• Women in Wealth – co-writer

• Forbes

We take pride in providing the Indianapolis community with top retirement planning services. About Us

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