ReJoyce Financial Podcast
ReJoyce Financial Podcast
Radio Episode 20: Do I Need A Trust, Or Is A Will Enough


Do you need a trust? We have Estate Planners to assist with your trust. Listen to the ReJoyce Financial Podcast to learn about our team of professionals, about Life Insurance in Indiana, Indiana Retirement Planning, Fixed Index Annuities, Indiana Senior Life Insurance, and Wealth Management & Investments.

When you pass your legacy on to your next generation your assets could get socked by taxes and fees that could reduce your retirement accounts dramatically. There are four primary categories of beneficiary who may lay claim to your assets when you pass away, namely, your heirs, charities, attorneys, and the IRS. If you are like most people and you want to maximize what you leave to your loved ones and charities, you may benefit by implementing the Estate Protector System.

ReJoyce Financial is a Retirement Planning Firm. Our dedicated team of Financial Professionals’ primary goal is to help our clients work towards a secure, sustainable, predictable income in their retirement years. We provide alternative strategies that protect our clients and families from high-risk investments in their retirement years, but also offer the potential for market gains. For clients not yet ready for retirement, other strategies are available.

We know very well that we aren’t alone in the services we provide. That is why we think it is so important for you to learn about us and our values. At ReJoyce Financial we want you to feel like part of our family. Your finances are key to your quality of life and we recognize that. We want to be there for your every concern, in order to ease the worries you may have about your retirement. Don’t let your golden years be marred by anxiety and let us do the heavy lifting. We take pride in providing the Indianapolis community with top retirement planning services.

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