Reducing 2023 Tax Liability

Don’t miss a deduction or credit when filing your taxes. With a little help, it’s not too late to reduce your tax liability. It’s your money. Spend it on your priorities.

Get everything owed to you when filing your tax return

We all want to get what we deserve — especially when it comes to credits and deductions on our taxes. Even though it’s now 2023, it’s not too late to reduce your tax liability for 2022 — which means a bigger refund from the IRS or writing a smaller check to the United States Treasury or the State of Indiana when you file your return. 

“Some people look at their tax return, and they’re afraid of it,” said Alexander Joyce, CEO and President of ReJoyce Financial. “I think people have a valid reason to question whether they’re overpaying on their taxes. I think a lot of people should seek advice.” 

You’ll find many types of tax return preparers offering their services this time of year. Some are attorneys. Others are accountants. But did you know that anyone can be a paid tax return preparer? They only need to have an identification number from the IRS. But every tax preparer is not the same. According to the IRS, some taxpayers are hurt financially each year because they choose the wrong tax return preparer. 

Here are four tips from the IRS on choosing the right tax preparer for you: 

Getting the answers to those questions will help you choose the right tax professional to prepare and file your annual return. 

At ReJoyce Financial, we have a team of certified tax professionals who have decades of experience. All are up to date on the current tax law and have industry-leading accreditations. Our Tax Services team is led by Marquita Berry, who conducted IRS audits for 12 years before joining the ReJoyce Financial family. 

“I think it’s imperative to contact a firm like ours to make sure that everything is in order before you file,” said Joyce. “We’ll make sure you’re not missing anything.” 

ReJoyce Financial is offering its Tax Analysis, Preparation, and Filing Service for $199. Call (317) 903-9157 or fill out the form below to schedule a conversation with a certified tax professional. 

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