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At ReJoyce Financial we take great pride in the quality of service we provide. Indianapolis is our community and we want to do right by our fellow Hoosiers. To us, this means answering your every worry and taking care of every aspect of your retirement. We offer a wide range of services to ensure you are afforded the greatest financial future possible with the best retirement planning in the Indianapolis area. It’s no secret to us that you have other options, that’s why we strive to make you feel most at home and best taken care of by our team of professionals.

At the head of our team is CEO and President Alexander Joyce. You may know Alex as the host of The Retirement Halftime Show, broadcasted across local Indianapolis channels on Sunday mornings. He is also the author of ReJoyce In Your Retirement, of which you can order your complimentary copy today. Alex also holds multiple designations such as Certified Estate Planner, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, and National Social Security Advisor. As president and CEO Alex’s philosophy is our philosophy. That is to treat every client as if they were our only client. We know everyone’s situation is unique, and we bring unique planning and attention to everyone. At ReJoyce Financial you aren’t just another portfolio, you’re family.

The beautiful retirement you could have
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We answer your questions

Why is it important to plan for my retirement?

No one can work forever. Most of us want to get out of the workforce as soon as possible. How can we maintain the lifestyles we have become accustomed to without our incomes? This is why it is key to plan for your retirement. A well-built nest egg will be able to provide for you without the need to go to work five days a week. It’s important to know what kind of money you can expect in your retirement, and how much you will need. This is where we come into the picture. Not everyone is equipped with the knowledge and expertise we are as retirement planning advisors. We can help guide you to the retirement you want and deserve.

How much money do I need to retire?

The truth is the answer to this question is different for everyone. That is why we work to take inventory of your assets, income, and expenses. Those with a pension may need less. Those accustomed to a certain lifestyle may need more. We will work with you to build a plan to fit your specific needs. What’s most important to us is your peace of mind. Once we know what you want out of your retirement, we will do everything in our power to provide the best plan for you. Let us do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the years you have worked so very hard for.

How can I maximize my retirement income?

Though a lot of us will be collecting social security in retirement, not many of us can claim to be experts on it. As a National Social Security Advisor you can rest assured that Alexander Joyce will help you get the most from your social security benefits. The choices you make as to your social security benefits can amount to tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime of benefits. Every month you wait to file while being eligible for social security is a month your eventual benefits are increasing. This is simply another piece of the puzzle to your perfect retirement plan. Those who love their job and want to maximize their benefits can wait to collect and earn more in the future. Those who want to exit the workforce as soon as possible can begin collecting as soon as they turn 62, but will miss out on a lot of benefits over the course of their retirement.

You may also have a pension you are counting on for income in your retirement. We can help you here as well to make sure you are getting the most possible. You have worked hard your entire life and now it is time to reap the benefits of that hard work. Let us make sure you are getting what’s owed to you and no sum goes overlooked.

Enjoy your retirement with planning built by indianpolis investment professionals at ReJoyce Financial

A holistic approach to planning your retirement

We understand that people have strong emotions when it comes to their finances. At ReJoyce Financial we aim to be a guiding hand rather than a ruling fist. Recognizing that only you best understand your situation is a key element of our approach. If you have assets or investments that you want to maintain, regardless of our suggestions, we will honor those desires.

The services we provide

We have already talked about a few of the services we provide as part of our entire retirement planning package. These services are our tools used in order to offer you the absolute best care possible. Things like maximizing your social security, and building a plan just for you are just the start of what we can offer to ensure your best retirement possible.

Minimize your loss to taxation

You will make more money saving on taxes than you will be making more money

As a client of ours, you will enjoy the benefits of our relationship with several Certified Public Accountants. Through their services, we can offer you complimentary assistance for your tax needs. Along with our guidance, we can show you options that will minimize the taxes taken on your assets and revenues.

Planning for your legacy

We also maintain relationships with attorneys that can aid you in planning your estate. We always worry for those we will leave behind, and we hope to ease those worries. Through this process, we will make sure to minimize gift, estate, generation-skipping transfer, and income tax.

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Located in beautiful Carmel Indiana we feel perfectly situated to service the Indianapolis and central Indiana area. Without the community we offer our services to our business would not be where it is today. That is why we believe so heavily in doing right by our neighbors. It is this belief that guides everything we do here at ReJoyce Financial.

We feel that we do more for our clients than any firm in the city. It cannot be said enough that here at ReJoyce it is all about you. Whether you are exploring your options and investigating just what we can do for you, or you’ve been with us for years, we will never stop doing our absolute best in the services we provide.

We also believe in being active in giving back to our community. In the past, we have held a golf tournament at Top Golf in Fishers for the benefit of Riley Children’s Foundation. ReJoyce Financial was also a proud gold sponsor of the annual Carmel Gala, in which funds were raised for the Carmel Youth Assistance Program. We are always brainstorming how we can continue to give back to our community.

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