Our Services

ReJoyce Financial LLC provides personal retirement planning services to Clients in the Indianapolis area. The firm’s team of Advisors are devoted to assisting Indiana residents in protecting their assets and in helping them in their effort to ensure that their retirement money lasts, and that it lasts longer.

This analysis will include a comprehensive review of your fixed investments, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. It will also introduce the “know your investment” model.
This will identify and analyze pension income. If no pension option has been selected yet, it will consider all options and help in determining the most viable selection based upon individual circumstance.
A very basic approach to financial planning involves a review of allocation based upon 5 major components: Age, Income, Net Worth, Risk tolerance, and Time Horizon. This is used as a starting point to the planning process.
Determining which kind of long-term care insurance is right for you can be a time-consuming and daunting task. There are dozens of insurance companies, each offering various policies and contract provisions. We will take over the arduous task of reviewing numerous plans with a host of insurance companies. You will be presented with the clear facts that will help you to quickly and easily make an informed decision with the peace of mind that you are receiving the highest coverage limits for a plan that best fits your budget. (At the present time, based on health condition, age, etc.)
Learn how to avoid the “Ticking Tax Time Bomb” and pass more on to your loved ones by using our “Estate Protector System.” When you pass your legacy on to your next generation your assets could get socked by taxes and fees that could reduce your retirement accounts by as much as 70%! There are four primary categories of beneficiary who may lay claim to your assets when you pass away, namely, your heirs, charities, attorneys, and the IRS. If you are like most people and you want to maximize what you leave to your loved ones and charities, you may benefit by implementing the “Estate Protector System.”
How do you arrange all of your important documents into a logical and orderly system that is both convenient and easy to use? We organize your documents into three main categories, namely, Protection, Savings and Growth. Within these three main categories there up-to are nine (9) sub-categories. Now you can instantly retrieve each document. Gathering your documents for an annual review of your overall plan is no longer a chore—everything is already together inside your portable file box.
Do you understand the specific purpose for each of your investment accounts and what exactly they are designed to accomplish? If you aren’t sure, you aren’t alone. Many folks feel their investment accounts are like a puzzle dumped out on the floor, meaning you aren’t sure how it all fits together. Our Asset Cycle System can help you understand how each part of your financial assets fit together so you can complete your entire financial picture, and include a guarantee on certain future income streams.
This will identify how to reduce your federal income tax and coordinate your income with your Social Security benefits so that you can reduce the tax on both.
The process of converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA can be extremely beneficial, or extremely costly if not analyzed and executed properly. Consider this service if you have qualified dollars and are interested in seeing the advantages and/or disadvantages of converting those dollars into a Roth IRA position.
Often time’s individuals own life insurance policies that may not be the most beneficial for their current situation. This audit is done by analyzing in-force illustrations and combing them for a number of potentially costly factors: Lapse, Over-insuring, Under-insuring, Under Performance, etc.
This will consider the impact of “stretching” out your qualified dollars. This strategy can be beneficial in preserving the value of qualified plans as they are distributed to beneficiaries.