Shooting for the Stars: Accomplishments of Dr. Mae Jemison

Who is She?

Dr. Mae Jemison will go down in history as the first African American to travel into space and orbit the earth. However, as a woman who always reaches for the stars, she has many other honorable achievements that should be mentioned:

Pictured is Dr. Mae Jemison: Read The Dickinsonian Interview here


  1. Served as president of the Black Student Union and choreographed a performing arts production called Out of the Shadows, about the African American experience.
  2.  Led a study for the American Medical Student Association, in Cuba
  3. Graduated from Cornell with a Doctorate in Medicine 
  4.  Is fluent in Russian, Japanese, and Swahili
  5. Joined the peace corps in 1983 and served as a medical officer for two years in Africa.
  6. Worked at a Cambodian refugee camp in Thailand.
  7. Opened a private practice as a doctor.
  8. Played Lieutenant Palmer in the Star Trek episode, “Second Chances.
  9. Created International Space Camp for students called The Earth We Share, as well as a Non-profit organization called Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence.
  10. Inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame as well as International, Space Hall of Fame.

Where is She Now?

Dr. Mae now resides in Houston, Texas. She has received multiple awards for her accomplishments and continues to lead the 100-year Starship project through the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). An organization that works to ensure human space travel to another star is possible within the next 100 years (as their organization’s name suggests.)

Dr. Jemison continues to be an inspiration for woman and people of color. Through her successful ambitions she has inspired so many to shoot for the stars and beyond.

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Written by: Brittany Love


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