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Taxes play a starring role in the theater of retirement planning. Everyone is familiar with taxes (you’ve been paying them your entire working life), but not everyone is familiar with how to make tax planning a part of their retirement strategy.

The Retirement Halftime Show

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Tax Advisors are also known as “Enrolled Agents” and “Certified Public Accountants”.  Tax Advisors are up-to-date on ever-changing tax laws to provide effective tax-planning strategies. 

Tax planning and tax reporting are two very different things. Most people only report their taxes. March rolls around, and people pull out their 1040s or use Tax Software to enter their income and taxable assets, and ship it off to Uncle Sam at the IRS. If you use a CPA to report your taxes, you are essentially paying them to record history. You have the option of being proactive with your taxes and planning for your future by making smart, informed decisions about how taxes affect your overall financial plan. Working with a financial professional who, along with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), makes recommendations about your finances to you, will keep you looking forward instead of in the rearview mirror as you enter retirement.

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