Alexander Joyce, President and CEO of ReJoyce Financial, defines fiduciary duty as the responsibility for financial advisors to do what is right and what is in the client’s best interest. He says that fiduciary duty is a big deal, and not something to be taken lightly. Furthermore, this duty means that by law, ReJoyce Financial must put a client’s interests above their own. The average person doesn’t know what they don’t know, Joyce said. That is why hiring a financial advisor can help clear up any questions, and this fiduciary duty is part of the way that ReJoyce Financial builds trust with clients.For more information, watch the video above. ReJoyce Financial takes a holistic approach to your finances, and there’s no time like the present to consider professional advice. Information on financial planning is available at the ReJoyce Financial website or by calling 317-903-0517.

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What is fiduciary duty, and how can it help build trust with a financial advisor?