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Your Home TV — The ReJoyce Financial Retirement Halftime Show — “You would not play the second half of a game the same way you did the first, especially if you’ve got the lead. As it relates to retirement – and many of you have that lead – what do we do? We maintain your lead in retirement. Join the CEO and President of ReJoyce Financial, Alexander Joyce CEP®, CRPC®, NSSA®, CTS®, CFS®, and other financial experts as they discuss concepts and topics relevant to those approaching retirement. Breaking down deep questions and concerns so both novice and experienced alike can learn and benefit, they inform and engage on this weekly show.

You may know Alexander from his appearances on various local news segments, weekly airings of the Retirement Halftime Show on TV and Radio, Safe Money & Income, Ask Mr. Annuity, Indy Style, On The Money, Money Monday, or even from Forbes, New York Daily News, or Kiplinger. 

At ReJoyce Financial we aim to be a guiding hand rather than a ruling fist. Recognizing that only you best understand your situation is a key element of our approach. If you have assets or investments that you want to maintain, regardless of our suggestions, we will honor those desires in your financial planning. We know everyone’s situation is unique, and we bring unique planning and attention to everyone. At ReJoyce Financial you aren’t just another portfolio, you’re family. The team features a number of dedicated staff members, ready to assist you in a number of ways. ReJoyce Financial also has strategic partners offering Tax Services and Estate Planning, among other things. Even Better? ReJoyce Wealth Management, which offers investment advisory services through appropriately registered representatives, is ready to work for you, too.

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